How to fill out a 1040EZ form

Filling out a 1040EZ


This first section of your 1040EZ form is basically information about your own wages, salaries, and tips, and other information about your savings. This information can be found in your tax return worksheet. There is some math involved here. Make sure to follow the directions carefully in order to come up with a precise number at the end of your 1040EZ from.
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Payments, credits, and tax.

The first thing this section of your 1040EZ will ask you is to put down your Federal income tax withheld form(s) W-2 and 1099. Once that is put down, you will then put down your earned income credit (EIC). Combat pay will also be one of the things you may have to put down if it applies to you. There will be more math involved on here. Make sure to do the math carefully and then proceed to the refund section.


This part of your 1040EZ must be filled out if you are getting a refund.

Amount you owe

If you have done the math correctly in the previous steps, you may or may not come up with a number. If you come up with a number, this is the amount of money that you owe the government.