The Phantom of The Opera

What is The Phantom of The Opera?

Well The Phantom of The Opera was first performed on January 26, 1998. It was the longest aired show on Broadway. Its awards include 1986 Oliver Award and 1988 Tony Award. The musical is about a phantom who lives under an old french theater, and threats main owners to let the young Christine Daae' perform in the lead role in the musical. While that is happening she is thinking that the "Angel" of music is trying to tell her something very important.

5 Facts About Phantom of The Opera

  1. Longest show on Broadway.
  2. $375 has grossed on the first and second show.
  3. 138 actors appear on the Broadway musical.
  4. Music is by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
  5. 7th best musical on Broadway.

2 Actors in The Phantom of The Opera

  • Phantom: Hugh Panaro.
  • Christine Daae: Mary Michael Patterson.

2 songs on the musical.......

  1. The Phantom.
  2. Angel of Music.
  • Music Of The Phantom of The Opera.

3 Interesting Facts.........

  1. First performance was on January 26, 1998.
  2. 7th best musical on Broadway.
  3. Antonio Banderas, the actor also sang male lead in musical.