Fish Ailments

Different fish diseases


Columnaris is a disease common to fresh water fish who thrive in temperatures from 12-14 degrees celcius. It is caused by caused by the Gram-negative aerobic, rod-shaped bacterium.

Ammonia Poison

Ammonia can build up in the tank when it is newly set up or if too many new are added at the same time. Ammonia is a strong, colorless gas. When Ammonia dissolves in water it called liquid ammonia.

Nitrite Poisoning

The treatment is similar to ammonia poisoning. you should be aware that nitrite is more lethal than ammonia so it is crucial that you should test the the tank water constantly until you the nitrite level to zero and brown or tan gills and fish gasping at the water surface are symptoms.

Fin Rot

Is a common bacterial infection which occurs along with other diseases. The symptoms of this disease are frayed and white fin edges. Antibiotics and a complete tank cleanout should remedy this situation.


is caused by a parasite. The symptoms include the appearance of velvety film on the skin that resembles gold or rust colored dust. you may see your fish even trying to rub the parasites off. Treatment with copper sulfate is recommended. It should be used for the manufacturers instructions for the full ten days to ensure that the parasite is completely eradicated.


Ick is a sickness fish can get from an unclean tank and can die if it is not treated. It causes small white dots on the fish.