8th Grade Math

Newsletter January 2016

Transformations.....more than meets the eye

Well, we've translated,rotated,reflected and dilated our way through unit 7, (transformations). The kids spent a day out in the hall rotating through transformation stations in preparation for the unit test last Friday. It's a nice change to move around while your learning.

I'm always right

We have now headed on into unit 8 - angle relationships and pythagorean theorem.

We started off the unit reviewing angles such as, right angles (90degrees), acute angles (less than 90 degrees), Obtuse angles (more than 90 degrees), and straight angles (180 degrees).

The kids had a great time using manipulatives to explore and create supplementary and complementary angles. We used a lot of songs and videos this week to learn about angle relationships, properties and transversal lines.The kids got to use the songs and videos to fill in their frame notes this week instead of taking traditional notes. They tend to learn more when they have to discover the information themselves.

We will spend the next two weeks learning about pythagorean theorem. We will be solving problems and looking at real world examples and then wrap it up with a unit test.

Parallel Lines and Transversals by Shmoop
Colin Dodds - Angle Properties (Math Song)

What can you do at home?

Remember, the math website: www.bobcatmath8th.weebly.com has lots of helpful tools, videos, tutorials and much more to help you study and refresh your memory of all that we have learned since school started.

We also have a twitter account- @bobcatmath8th

We will be starting our spiral review homework in preparation for the STAAR test this week so be sure you are keeping up with your homework.