by: Matthew Schroer and Emory Johnson

The History of Sony

Who was involved?

The creators of Sony are Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita.

What Happened?

Sony started out as an electric store in a department store in Tokyo under a different name that was created by Masaru Ibuka. The company then grew the reach all corners of the globe.

When did it took place?

The company started out in May 7th, 1946 by the name of Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, but was later renamed Sony in 1958. in 1960 co-founder Akio Morita founded the Sony corporation of America.

Where did it take place?

The company Sony took place in Minato, Tokyo, but was later located to Shinagawa, Tokyo which is where the headquarters of the company is located to this day. Sony also has branches of its company located all throughout the world.

Why is it significant?

Sony is significant because it is a multinational corporation that creates many different types of electronics varying from computers to video games. When the sony company first started it created Japans first tape recorder, the Type-G.

Political impacts

The Sony Corporation has had some impacts on politics like getting involved with the government to confront the hacking problems that people are facing. The Sony company has also a GLobal Policy On Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S).

Economic impacts

The Sony corporation has impacted the economy from the income that it makes and its rising stocks to the vast trade routes all across the world. It has also offered a highly competitive market with its prices forcing other electronic companies to compete with them.

Social impacts

Some of the social impacts that Sony has done is that they helped convince China to host the Beijing Olympics, and has helped to shape the modern era with their gaming consoles that kids play and talk with their friends through the video games.

long term impacts

The long term effects that Sony is that continue to provide electronics goods and video games for people to use in the future.