by: Luke Luster

Author of Quarantine

Lex Thomas

It was just another day until...

David was having a regular day. The military rushes into the school and blows up some of it. The day proceeds with the military condemning the school and a fight for survival. Will David make it out will he die in the ruins of the school?

The quarantine warriors

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."-Frederik Douglass

man vs. man

David has to battle everyday for survival against gangs in the school, especially the gang Varsity. They hate David because he has beat up their leader and killed members of their gang. It's a struggle to survive everyday.

A struggle everyday....

page 15

"He blamed Sam for losing Hilary; he blamed him for his mother dying, for the year of grieving that followed. He put it all on Sam...

The school

The school in quarantine is the main setting in the book. The book goes in depth to take you into to it. It was always a very modern school until the school gets quarantined
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