Andrew Jackson

The Zero

Overuse of Power

Andrew Jackson used his powers as president so much that he has been compared to king. He especially used his power to veto. President Andrew Jackson, Vetoed the national bank! The national bank is what helped the economy, and gave loans to businesses. Without it problem could most definitely occur!

Nullification Crisis

When President Jackson passed the tarrrif of 1828, it caused the south to get mad due to the fact that the south had such little manufactoring. One state in the south ,South Carolina, got so mad it threatened to secede. Jackson got so mad he even threatened to hang his former vice President. Also thanks to congress to passing the Force Bill, it allowed Jackson the force to use the U.S. military to make South Carolina pay the tarriff.

the Indian Removal Act

This by far was one of the worst things done. due to the Cherokees desirable land and gold discovery, president Jackson and Georgia wanted the Indians off the land. So much so that they took it to the supreme court for the Worcester v Georgia case. The supreme court ruling said that the Cherokee nation was a sovereign nation and Georgia cant interfere. However Jackson ignored the rulling and signed the Indian Removal Act into law. The Cherokees ended up forced out of there homes and onto the trail of tears, where many died from the cold winter, starvation, and illness.

King Andrew the First

In this Political cartoon it shows Andrew Jackson dressed as a king, because of Jackson's constant use of presidential authority(power). in his hand he holds a scroll saying veto and at his feet it shows his disregard for the constitution.