South America Road Trip

By Ben Path


Buenos Aries, Capital of Argentina

My first stop was Argentina. I went to the capital, Buenos Aries. There are over 2 million people living there! We went to the recoleta cemetery. Many famous people were buried there, including Eva Peron, wife of general Juan Peron. Juan Peron was one of the nations presidents(book fact pg 310).
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While in Buenos Aries I met Cedric Gervais, a grammy-award winning french DJ. He was born on June 7, 1979

Economy of Argentina

Some common industries in Argentina are food processing and motor vehicles. Argentina also has lots of petroleum and uranium for energy.

Map of South America

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Pictures of Argentina


My next stop was Cordoba. The population of the city was about 1.158 million. While there I went to the cathedral of Cordoba. It was amazing! It is the oldest church in Argentina that is still in service.


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While in Montevideo I celebrated Uruguay Independence Day, which is on August 25 and celebrates Uruguay becoming an independent country