School uniforms

and why students shouldn't have to wear them

Why schools cross the nation should stop with school uniforms

There are lots of reasons school uniforms should not be in schools across America, yet many schools still have them. These hard pressed straightforward schools don't realize what letting a kid choose what they wear means, so they condemn them to a uniform.

Some kids express themselves through clothes

The first amendment to the constitution includes freedom of expression, and many kids in America use their clothes to express themselves. What they wear, colors they show, and jewelry they tote. It all helps them show their true selves, but when they cannot even choose what clothes they wear that becomes much harder. School uniforms are denying constitutional rights. Imagine if you were very expressive in facial expressions, but someone came and said you had to have the same expression all the time you're in school. That's pretty similar to what's happening to kids with school uniforms.

It's expensive!

School uniforms cost on average $140 for a boy and $156 for a girl, and that's just one person. A whole school would be much more expensive, just so all the kids that go there look the same and won't have the minor distraction of what they're going to wear.

It contradicts the promise of a free public education

Students are promised a free education, but with having to buy school uniforms that is contradicted. Many families live in areas where all schools near them have school uniforms, but they cannot afford to pay for these school uniforms. That is taking away their right to a free public education, and is yet another reason why school uniforms must be stopped.


Why all this money and fuss just so the kids that go to your school wear the same clothes? A simple dress code is easy to enforce, lets kids express themselves, and doesn't cost $150 per person! Wake up America, it's the 21st century and out of all the freedoms we have the freedom to choose what you wear (within a dress code of course) should be there!

Make the right choice

Make a rational choice and stop with the school uniforms! There are many more reasons not to have uniforms than there are to have school uniforms. The school and students both benefit from taking away school uniforms, plus it's a lot less hassle for so small a thing so make the change from school uniforms today!