Conference Updates & April Specials!

PURE Haven Essentials Conference Updates!!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending our PURE Haven Essentials National Conference in Providence, RI. We were greeted by our new CEO Joe Ochoa who strongly believes in our mission, products, and all of our amazing customers!! Joe expressed his gratitude to the Anderson Family for what they began and is honored to continue this journey with us!! He has great vision for our company by supporting staff and consultants, continuing to grow our product lines, and improving our resources to give our customers a pleasing shopping experience while also offering the best, non-toxic products. I'm so grateful for his support, guidance, and leadership as we continue to spread awareness of toxic chemicals in our everyday products while offering quality, safe solutions!!

We also had the pleasure to meet our Chief Product Officer, Krupa Koestline. A truly amazing individual who made a point to go around and meet every single consultant (how awesome is that!!! She is so personable.). Her story is really unbelievable: She grew up in India where farmers couldn't afford pesticides, so EVERYTHING was ORGANIC and SEASONAL. When she moved to the U.S. she had to read ingredients and be aware of what she was buying (what a way to learn). She also started her career with a very well-known/household name global cosmetics brand where in the lab they had to wear respirators and pregnant women WERE NOT allowed in the vicinity!! It was in that moment and experience that she realized she couldn't continue on this career path. She didn't feel good about what she was doing - if they were unsafe to create, why would they be safe to sell to the masses?? She quickly moved into the organic natural personal care industry, and we are truly fortunate to have her leading our product development, quality control testing, production, really the whole nine yards behind our products!!!

It was a fantastic weekend. I feel energized, motivated, and grateful - we are on an amazing journey that is doing so much good!! I am so ready and excited to share this message far and wide - and TO BE the pebble to MAKE the ripple in chemical policy change for our country!!!


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Don't forget - April's Customer Special!!

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Mary O'Leary
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