A recipe to a perfect world

A first chance to a better world


-1 world

-approximately 7 billion people

-5000 litres of respect and freedom

-1000 tonnes of tolerance and law

-unlimited food and water source


1. Place 1 world and gently sprinkle the 7 billion people(to populate the world)

2. Spread and share the unlimited food and water source to the people suffering from poverty,famine and drought

3. mix and stir the 5000 litres of respect and freedom(slowly and gently) so the people around the world are free from slaves, and everyone respects each others skin colour, culture and background

4. Blend 1000 tonnes of tolerance,law and justice quickly so everyone have equal rights

5. Enjoy your soft-served world with everyone living in peace,harmony and freedom

John Lennon - Imagine