Simile Literary Device

Created by, Irven Minhas

The Definition of Simile

A Simile is a figure of speech, it involves the similarity of one thing with another, which is used to make a description but of a "different kind". It's the comparison of two things using the words "like" or "as"

Spoken: /siməlē/sim-il-e/

Synonyms & Examples

The words "analogy", "metaphor", and even "similarity" are all related to Simile, these words are all used to compare things.

Anything can be a Simile as long as it compares two things use "like or "as"

for example: " Your sweet as a honey bee" and "Roar like a lion"!

Type of Speech/ Derivatives

These are some the derivatives I could find
  • Simile;noun; e
  • Similar;adjective; ar