World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee

A little about the web

Around the 1970s someone invented the internet.The only problem was only professionals could access it (i.e scientists and military personnel) but with the epic invention of the world wide web in 1991 by tim berners-lee anyone could access it,which meant that soon thousands and thousands of people started using it because it was so easy to use. It links photos, videos and sounds altogether with only a few clicks,not like before where you had to know where you were going there wasn't google or any search engines you had to write some random numbers instead of a link like 173450342945 or something like that. so thanks to tim berners-lee we now have the world wide web and without him wed still be typing random numbers into our address bar or we wouldn't even be using the boring internet at all.

The Invention of the World Wide Web


with his revolutionary invention he gave everybody with access to the internet the chance to share information over the entire world. Although he could have made trillions he instead gave it to everybody for free.