History Of The Renaissance

Je'lah Reed


During the period of cosmetics history , the civilization of the modern history. In the text it states on page 6 Chapter 1 that " One of the most unusual practices was shaving of the eyebrows and the hairline ... ''. For the women they thought that shaving there eyebrows , would make them look more intelligence. Men and women took pride in there appearance to the outside world , so they " Wore elaborate clothing , and elegant clothing ." They also used products such as fragrances and cosmetics. Also it stats on page 6 chapter 1 , that " ... Although highly colored preparations of the lips, cheeks, and eyes were discouraged.''

Cosmetics Of The Renaissances

Facts From The Renaissance

In the text it states on website ( www.thebeautybiz.com) It states that " The Renaissance was a cultural movement that began in Florence in the 1400’s, then spread throughout most of Europe, and lasted into the early years of the 16th century. The women with darker locks had created a product for them to have lighter hair such as " Elements like alum , sulfer, and also soda .'' In the text it states on website ( www.thebeautybiz.com) that " However, most of these products did not work alone. They required lengthy hours in the hot sun, which served as the heating mechanism that activated the bleach. The process was tricky because women also wanted to keep their skin pale and untouched by the sun. "

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