Weekly C.U.B.

Central Update Bulletin - Issue 8

Our Mission

I believe we have majority consensus based on the survey results. Therefore, our mission at Central Elementary going forward will be:

Our mission is to inspire our students to achieve their full potential as thinkers so they become engaged, productive, and fulfilled members of society.

Please take the following really short survey before Wednesday's meeting:


Standardized Dress Policy

There has been discussion about coats/sweaters and our standardized dress policy. When talking to teachers I have not had the answers to how we were to proceed.

Below is a picture of what our Standardized Dress policy states. Students may wear sweaters in the building that are blue, white, or red solid colors. Any jacket may be worn to school, at recess, or anywhere outside the building, but must be removed when coming into the building.

If we want to have more leniency with regards to what can be worn inside the building we would need to collectively change this has a school committee and resubmit our standardized dress policy to the district. Please let me know if you and/or your team believes we need to go through the process of changing our standardized dress policy. In the mean time please help us to enforce our standardized dress policy as it has been represented to our community.

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Teachers as we have gone to online enrollment all parents now have access to parent self-serve. With this, parents are able to check students grades whenever they want and can set up alerts to be e-mailed if a student is missing an assignment and/or receives below a certain grade on an assignment.

It is best practice to be entering grades weekly so parents are able to check frequently. I encourage you to advertise this feature to parents so you can partner together to help our students do their best.

Focus Point: Student Engagement Continued

Please come prepared to discuss your students, individually, and their general level of engagement throughout the learning day. Where do the majority of your students fall? What is different about the students who show true engagement? When do you see more ritual compliance? retreatism? rebellion? Why do you think that is? How can we move our students up the spectrum from where they are?
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Week at a Glance

Monday, October 12th

  • No School - Fair Day

Tuesday, October 13th

  • PTA Meeting @ 4:00 in Library

Wednesday, October 14th

  • Staff Meeting

Thursday, October 15th

  • 5th Grade Father and Son Night 5:30-7:30

Friday, October 16th

  • End of the 1st 9 Weeks

Spotlight On...Mr. Perez, Ms. Troutman, Ms. Shiflett, Ms. Turner, and Ms. Galloway!

As our Twitter blackout winners, each of these teachers won a $50.00 gift card from Wal-Mart as part of their teacher appreciation campaign. Thank you for going above and beyond while promoting the wonderful learning you bring to your students each and everyday!!! #centralisawesome

Future Dates To Remember:

Monday, October 19th

  • SNAP Window Opens (ALL Students)
  • New Teacher Academy 3:15-4:30 in the Conference Room
  • Math Monday K and 1
  • Social Studies Monday 4th and 5th

Wednesday, October 21st

  • PTA Jeans Day (Staff may wear jeans if they have joined PTA)

Friday, October 23rd

  • Central Fall Carnival 5:00-7:00 (All Staff Event)
  • Start of Central Book Fair

Monday, October 26th

  • Start of Red Ribbon Week
  • Book Fair Continues

Wednesday, October 28th

  • Staff Meeting @ 3:20 in Library