Come join me at a Gymnastics meet

Sunday, February 28, 2016 at 12:00 am

What to bring

If I were you I would probably bring Water, snacks, wear conformable clothes because you will be sitting down for around 3-4 hours at the meet. I would bring money just in case you have to pay to get in to the meet, also if you want to buy something there too. If you do all these steps then you are ready to come to a meet.

Spectacular Gymnastics meet

Sunday, Feb. 28th, 12pm

1260 U.S. 69

Pleasant Valley, MO

This is some help to find the location.

Info about me

My name is Isabella Filardo, I am a level 4 gymnast. I go to Creative Art Academy (CAA). I have 6 teammates. Our gymnastics team colors are blue and gold. At CAA there is a dance and a school and a gymnastics place.