Kudos, News, and Monthly Recap

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Christy Landsman - Hanover, PA

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I asked Christy 2 quick questions about her promotion in January to Lead Stylist and I wanted to share her answers with you.

1. I could tell you were excited about your first promotion and taking your first step towards leadership with S&D. Could you tell me a little bit about why?

I started this business on a whim. I loved the jewelry, and needed the extra income, but I had no clue how to run a business, or how I was going to be able to make money doing it. I started going to the meetups and I found that I loved the networking with other women who were doing the same thing, and in a lot of cases, struggling with the same things. I felt such a connection with them and was so empowered by my upline and other stylists that I wanted to do my absolute best, not just for me, but for them as well. When I signed Bethany to my team, there was an accountability factor added and I loved it. It really pushed me to strive harder. This promotion to lead stylist means a tremendous amount to me, mainly because of all the people who have helped me to achieve it.

2. What's next for Christy in 2016?

Whats next for me in 2016...hopefully Associate Stylist!

Thank you for sharing Christy and congratulations again! I know if you set your mind to it, you will reach whatever goal you set for yourself! Associate Stylist here you come!

Our Top 10 and those who Qualified for the Month with $500 or more in Retail Sales!

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Congratulations to all the stylists this month whether you sold one necklace or 100! And congrats to all our brand new stylists who launched strong this month.

1 Joelly Belman 6388.76

2 Rene Kauder 4096.53

3 Susie Pomponi 3893.94

4 Sheila Markowitz 2584.8

5 Pamela Wimmer 1662.90

6 Kimberly Sadelson 1607.20

7 Gillian Powell 1340.11

8 Crista Oehler 1324.50

9 Juli Lausch 1212.01

10 May Garcia 1170.90

11 Heather Connors 1012.00

12 Sherry Gowarty 1010.75

13 Mary Gies 870.90

14 Kathleen Breitenbach 841.00

15 Jill Knerr 834.65

16 Lorraine Slud 765.85

17 Candice Schoolman 635.90

18 Sarah Gaumond 619.98

19 Anastasia Kyriakopoulos 583.00

20 Bethany Devilbiss 518.00

21 Christina Landsman 516.20

Welcome To All Our New Stylists!

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The More You Sell the More You Earn!

Hello Sunshine!

Congrats to our Hello Sunshine earners in Janaury who sold $1500+ from 1/7 to 1/31

Susie Pomponi
Joelly Belman
Rene Kauder

Join Us for Chocolate Happy Hour

All Stylist Meet-up
Tuesday, February 16th
Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar in Bethesda, MD
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Rene Kauder, Director, Coach and Mentor

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