Water is the World

By Arabella

Water is a liquid that every living thing needs, without water everything and everyone will die very early. Water can be used for hundreds of things such as cleaning up, playing in the sprinklers, helping our garden grow, helping us grow fit and healthy and much more.

Where does water come from?

Water comes from under the ground, oceans, rivers, clouds and all around you. right now you might be thinking things like, so you are saying I have been living with water surrounding me, well yes I am trying to tell you that you are basically living with water.

How is water wasted?

Lots of people don’t take the time and effort to be aware how wasting water can really affect our lives, plants lives animal lives too. Our water we drink is extremely important to us so next time you see someone brushing their teeth with the tap on tell them to turn it off immediately.

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