Stonegate Weekly Update

For the Week of 10/6/2014

Close Reading Defined (in preparation for John Wolf's visit)

Close Reading of text involves an investigation of a short piece of text, with multiple readings done over multiple instructional lessons. Through text-based questions and discussion, students are guided to deeply analyze and appreciate various aspects of the text, such as key vocabulary and how its meaning is shaped by context; attention to form, tone, imagery and/or rhetorical devices; the significance of word choice and syntax; and the discovery of different levels of meaning as passages are read multiple times. (Brown & Kappes, 2012; p.2)

Time Extended! SLO due Wednesday 10/8/2014

Parent Teacher Conferences: Schedules Needed-Guidelines Below

General Guidelines

2014 Timeline:

· begin scheduling/confirming parent-teacher conference dates/times

· communication/scheduling can be done electronically* or via paper/pencil*

*Examples include, but not limited to:



· Email

· Canvas calendar tool

· Paper letter with “return back to school” portion at the bottom of the letter

· First full week of Oct. begins on Mon. 10/6

On the Friday prior to the first full week of Oct.10/3(or before!):

· Email your conference schedule to - Connie, Martha, Lisa, Alison, and Jen

· Contact Connie, Martha, Lisa for any conferences you’d like to request their presence

· On or before Fri. 10/3

P-T Conferences Timeframe:

· Starts on Monday of the first full week of October – last Friday of the last week in October

· YES! This means you can have P-T conferences AFTER your Fall Break, if this works for you and the parents.

· Mon. 10/6 – Fri. 10/31

Dates to NOT Schedule P-T Conferences:

· Please do not schedule any on Tuesday mornings since they are reserved for the following meetings:

*Staff Meetings


*Grade Level/Team Meetings

· October 7th – Staff Meeting

· October 14th – PLC

· October 21st – Fall Break

· October 28th – Grade Level/Team Mtg

· Please be sure your schedule is up-to-date! Connie/Martha/Lisa will happily adjust our schedules so that we can ensure ONE of us is in the building early or late. We do not want you to be left with a parent alone, in case the meeting takes a negative turn.

· Please be mindful of how early or how late they are scheduled. The latest one should be scheduled at 8:00PM and ending by 8:30PM.

· District practice has been that conferences are typically scheduled to be 15 minutes long – but please use professional discretion on the time. If you know one will be lasting longer due to needing to discuss concerns, please schedule it for a longer time.

· After all of your conferences are DONE, please email Alison Maxey your % of P-T Conferences that you held with your parents (ie, 18/20 = 90%)

Additional Dates and Calendar Items

Wednesday, 10/8-Book Fair Set up in the afternoon

Wednesday, 10/8-Walk to School Day

Thursday, 10/9-Tuesday, 10/14- Bookfair

Friday, 10/10-2nd grade goes to Conner Prairie (all day)

Friday, 10/10-Kindy goes to Stuckey Farm (a.m.)

Friday, 10/10-Pay Day!

Tuesday, 10/14-Mom's Muffins

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Look who's celebrating a birthday:

Randee Kleeman- 10/5