By: Kortney Drake


  • had two kings from two separate families
  • it's very different from other government set ups
  • the government set up had 4 branches
  • city-state in ancient Greece
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  • daily lives- it was all about fighting to train for wars
  • schooling- kids only learned how to read and write and the rest of their learning was training how to fight; they have kids start at young age
  • food-Black broth was Sparta's main dish, it was made out of vinegar, pork, and boiled legs of pigs and they added in salt and pork blood. The blood dish was considered a hearty meal for the soldiers.
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  1. the Battle of Thermopylae
  • happened in 480 B.C.
  • it was led by the Spartan king, Leonidas
  • Spartans lost
  1. another battle was the Battle of Leuctra
  • happened in 317 B.C.
  • led by the Thebans and Spartans
  • Spartans lost
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Interesting Facts!

  • Sparta is famous for their military fighting
  • Spartans worship the God of War
  • had no defense walls
  • Spartans used iron bars as money
  • they wore red clothing so you couldn't see their bloodstains
The Spartan Shield(Terry Schappert)