Fantastic Friday

~Payday Snack Day~

Happiness Leads to Longer Life

OK, that part might not be fully backed by research. In all honesty, research is split on if happiness truly insures longer lives.........but really who cares, short or long life, don't we want our days to be filled with joy in life???? So, may your weekend be filled with the kind of happiness these 2 ladies have found whipping and nae naeing!

Payday Snack Day!

In case you're one of those people who don't pay attention to when paydays's Tuesday! Thus, starting our first payday snack day this school year. I might be the only one that has to plan ahead on the weekends for my grocery shopping so this might be just for me, but in case I'm not the only one here's your reminder too!

To bring a little joy and excitement with payday and to break our new staff break room in style..........PAYDAY SNACK DAY!

Snacks will be provided by different teams throughout the year. The teams are listed below, but I'm sure if you want to bring on a month that's not your teams turn no one will object:).

It's doesn't need to be a meal, so don't let this stress you-just fun and a way to celebrate!

September, November, January, March (we will celebrate the Friday after spring break)

  • Office Staff, Instructional Coach, Encore, & Preschool
  • KAPS, Kindergarten, K SPED, K Title, & Bears

October, December, February, April

  • 1st grade, Reading Recovery, 1st SPED, Little Libs
  • 2nd grade, 2nd SPED, 2nd Title, Food Services