My best friend, hero, and savior.

By Andrea Orzolek

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Theresa Zears

Theresa has been my best friend since second grade when I first moved to Pennsylvania. After going through your average elementary struggles like who has the most webkinz we stayed inseparable until 6th grade when I had to move again. After I moved back a few years later she was waiting with open arms. Going through the end of middle school and high school with a best friend is the best thing any girl can do. I could always go to Theresa for advice no matter the situation our friendship remained impenetrable. As 10th grade turned the corner I made some decisions that made our friendship hard to maintain because I was rather isolated even when it landed me in the hospital she never gave up on me like some of my family and friends. When I left the hospital after 2 months she was in the back of the car hiding with a bubble gun to cut the tension and silence. To this day, as she is now at college and I moved to Texas; our daily conversations are still pertinent to survival. Thankfully i'll never worry about losing my forever friend.

Dissecting the David Bowie quote

“We can be heroes, we can be heroes, we can be heroes just for one day, we can be heroes.” – David Bowie

I believe this quote is trying to portray that anyone can be a hero for something or someone. Another important part of this quote is you can be a hero for a day, personally I take that as no matter the significance to the world in just one day you can make a difference !

Comparing the quote to Beowulf and Theresa

Beowulf was not only a wise leader but a hero to many of his disciples. This quote can relate to him because he was out for glory for not only him but his nation and his men, he could quite possibly have said that they could all be heros.

Theresa was not a world hero nor was she legendary; but multiple times she she saved my heart aches. She was an average girl but to me she was very heroic.

Hansel and Gretel vs Beowulf

Beowulf was an tale that not only was entertaining but also captured the themes: bravery, deadly battles, and fate. When comparing this to a well known folk tale I thought of the similar themes in Hansel and Gretel. In hansel and Gretel readers could see how the author portrayed bravery by the children not only traveling into the woods but also how the fought their way through the terrible events without giving in to wavering feelings. The incidents at the candy house were inferred to be kind and then became evident that they were nothing short of evil. This battle between the children and the elderly woman indeed became deadly and thankfully the antagonist was not the successor. Along with the deadly battles and bravery, both tales showed fate. In Beowulf he let his last battle become his ending fate, in hansel and Gretel the ending of the tale including a fate of escaping and returning to their family with wealth.