May 2016 What You Ought to Know

For Kaye Reviere's doTERRA Wellness team

Hints for Sleep...

Turn off your electronic devices (best to remove them from your bedroom) 60 minutes before you want to go to sleep. Add a Mother-in-law Tongue plant to your bedroom. It absorbs Carbon Dioxide and releases Oxygen during the night. (Most plants do this during the day) The darker the room - the better quality of sleep you will get. Run your diffuser , at night. The sound of water gently moving is soothing. Choose your Essential Oil based on what keeps you awake. I like Frankincense with Eucalyptus. It is allergy season here. Keep a notepad and pen on your night stand. You can jot down those things that keep buzzing through your head or keep a roller bottle with vetiver and FCO handy to put that to do list to rest.

Regent Care Hand Massages

Monday, May 16th, 9:45-11am

23775 Kingwood Place Drive


What a blessing to share a few minutes with these aging friends. Come enjoy ! I will bring the oils. You bring a listening ear and a warm smile.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

What else do we do?

Betty Bayse uses her creative talents and tech skills to create beautiful embroidery as a side business. She is busy with a full time job as a an Air Traffic Control Support Specialist at the Houston Airport. Think about Betty when you land at the airport. Her favorite Essential Oil is Breathe. Her doTERRA team grows every month. Contact Betty at 281-450-9193 for your embroidery needs. (I am expecting a new grandson in early June. Can you guess his name?)

What we do...?

Send me your information about what you do. I will choose someone to highlight each month. We are an interesting bunch. Acupuncturist, nurses, teachers and Preachers who are all part of the revival of Essential Oils.

Intro to Essential Oils and Hints for Sleep

Thursday, May 12th, 10:30am-12pm

Kingwood Library

Bring your friends for a quick Introduction to Essential Oils. We will also discuss oils that promote sleep. I will offer a free gift to anyone on my team who enrolls at the class. You keep the enrollment. I want to help you build your team.

Are you feeling your best?

doTERRA's Life Long Vitality Pack is their number 1 selling product. It makes me feel 20 years younger. I feel good enough to walk a marathon (1/2). Add Deep Blue Polyphenol to your daily routine. You will be amazed at how good you can feel!

Here is what we do at our house:

Life Long Vitality Pack 2 of each in the morning and 2 of each in the afternoon

Bone Nutrient 3 per day

Deep Blue Polyphenol 2 per day

Mito 2 Max 1 in the morning