Jane Addams

By: Amanda Hemmersbach

Where She Began~

  • As a young child she saw many things she didn't think was fair ex.- practices that harmed workers, and government corruption.
  • Attended Women's Medical College in Philadelphia.
  • Went to London and helped the poor.
  • Her next goal was to seek social justice.

Where She Went After

  • With help from her friend, Ellen Gates they built a Hull House in Chicago for refuge immigrants, sick, poor, and older aged people who needed help.
  • Then she was active in the woman suffrage and peace movements.
  • She then was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.

Her Life~

  • She wanted to get ride of the social classes, but ended up being apart of it because she didn't teach at a university wasn't considered a sociologist, but instead considered a social worker.