Therapeutic Cloning

Is therapeutic cloning ok?

What is therapeutic cloning?

  • he replication of human embryos to harvest stem cells for medical uses
  • It can cure diseases and help treat you in some way
  • genetic material from an adults cell is placed into an egg to grow stem cells
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More info....

  • some people say that the stem cells are alive
  • they often argue that killing one life for another is wrong

Pros of Therapeutic cloning

  • It helps researchers figure how to cure diseases
  • It helps their understanding of stem cell and how they work
  • It wont hurt to do it because you are using your own body cells
  • If it works therapeutic cloning can cure a disease
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Cons of therapeutic cloning

  • Therapeutic cloning doesn't always work it could take a lot of tries for it to actually work
  • In order to cure a disease millions of eggs are needed
  • After stem cells are extracted an embryo is destroyed
  • Some things that can occur after stem cell transplants are damage to organs or blood vessels, graft verses host disease, and death
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Final thoughts

  • Success has already been shown in studies with stem cell transplants for a variety of diseases
  • Some diseases that showed success are type 1 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and retinal diseases
  • To this date, no human being has been successfully cloned


Everyone has their opinion and most people say that Therapeutic cloning is wrong. There are a lot of pros but more cons. The cons are more serious than the pros. There is not always a chance that it will happen, so in my opinion Therapeutic cloning is not ok.


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