How Women Can Succeed in Technology

  • Gain professional experiences before leaving school: Do an internship in your field! To learn more about the Internship Program at moraine valley call the Job Resource Center to set up an Appointment with our Internship Manager, Marie Harrell (708) 974-5737

  • Develop your network: Look into joining a professional organization, join a social circle with the Anita Borg Institute or become a member with Women in Technology, look into scholarships and grants to attend conferences and other related events. Membership is $50 for students.

  • Research your industry: Occupational Information Network:

  • Perfect your interviewing techniques: The Job Resource Center hosts 3 workshops a semester on interviewing skills, check out our website for more information and register for workshops through

  • Stay connected with mentors throughout your career

Job Resource Center (708) 974-5737