Great time reef

Cool time


Airline cost will be about 400 a person depending on the airline.

Lodging will cost around 300$ a night also depending on where you stay

There are many tours of the reef such as scuba diving, there are also buggy tours through the jungle.

Most lodges have food 3 times a day for free, if not most reasturants cost about 70 for 5 people


A few risks are of corse the dangerous fish of the ocean, the gangs that live in the area, and cutting yourself on the reef. There are sections of the beech restricted due too sharp rocks

What is there to see ?

There is many attractions to this vacation spot. I will post a few pictures below but I'll tell you about them now. You will see gem-tang, bluelined hulafish, tomato-clownfish, and fathead-anthias. You can also expect to see red, white, hard, and colt corals
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