Internet Safety

How to make internet safe.

Internet Safety

How to make internet safe make sure you know who you’re talking to internet or don’t chat on the internet. Make sure you don’t put any personal information on the internet they won’t be safe or things they can use agenesis you to hurt you or find you. If you’re on an online game and have to make an averter don’t use a real name or anyone’s name you no.

  • E-mails are fun and easier to send don’t reply to if you get a message and don’t know who it’s from.

  • Don’t use CAPS LOCK it’s considered yelling on the internet.

  • NEVER give out personal information to someone you meet online (ex. real name, address, telephone, school you go to, or e-mail

  • Don’t put pictures of you or family. Bad people can edit repost or make it inappropriate

  • If you don’t feel right or safe tell an adult or a school teacher

  • Never keep secrets that someone on the internet tells you to keep from your parents.