by Juvenal Rodriguez

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What is the capital of Colombia and what are the cities and countries nearby?

The capital of Colombia is bogota and the nearby city's are brazil, Ecuador,venezuela,and peru. Many more cities.

What foods do they eat in Colombia?

They like to eat Empanadas,papa regena,steak,eggs,avocado,the most popular food in the bandeja paisa.There´s also a verity of tropical fruits.

What do they do for family traditions ?

In christmas they thank the gods for there help and they start opening the presents one by one saying there names.We have big feasts and invite all of our friends and families.but we open gifts at 12 o'clock.There is another tradition that's called day of the candles.Everyone puts candles in the front of there houses for ¨Virgen Maria.¨all of the city is lighten by candles at 7 o'clock pm.

What type of land is it?

Colombia has a lot of lakes and mountains it holds lots of rivers.You have a great view of nature and rivers.In Colombia there not that many citys its mostly land animals nature and houses.

What language do Colombians speak? And how do they represent our culture?

Colombians mostly speak spanish in Colombia.Our language in the most common characteristics in the history of the hispanic culture .Colombian families often teach their kids spanish because this helps revive the hispanic culture.

What do Colombians grow?

Colombians grow a large verity of fruits and plants.They grow mango,apples,star fruit and many more fruits and vegetables!