Addison's Theory

Her Idea Behind The Metronomes

The Secret Behind the Metronomes

I finally figured it out! I finally know how Asher, my boyfriend, died. You see, I think Asher was doing what I am doing, trying to comprehend what this strange metronome room was. I be he observed people and how they were originally scared, but then kept strangely going back to it, bringing more friends along, like my friend Audrey kept doing. He must have realized this pattern and assumed it was brainwashing, but it did not affect him. The last day I saw him, he talked about taking down the headquarters, and I was incredulous until now. He must have known the leader and tried to take him down, but ended up getting himself killed instead. He warned me that it was either "him or all of us" that would end up dead or something, so I bet this leader is trying to take over through brainwashing. And he must be really powerful already, which explains why Asher died mysteriously. So, I guess it's up to me to try and stop this metronome business, but I need your help. This leader guy is apparently gathering all of the city at the MET in a week. I heard this when I went there before. This is probably when he's planning on hypnotizing the whole town to follow his rule. This would be a perfect time to reveal what he is trying to do and attempt to save the population! What you can do is tell everyone you know about this and refuse to be hypnotized! Stick up for yourself!