The Atanasoff Berry computer

Invented by John vincent Atanasoff and Clifford Berry

5 Facts about John Vincent Atanasoff

  • He died at 91
  • He was born in New York
  • He graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor degree in eltric engeirnering
  • He graduated high school at 15
  • He had many offers to teaching including one to Harvard but accepted the one to Iowa State
5 Facts about Clifford Berry

  • He was born in Iowa
  • He died at 45
  • His father decided that he was going to Iowa state
  • He went to Iowa State
  • He got his master science degree in physics
5 Facts about the Atanasoff Berry computer

  • First digital computer
  • Made at Iowa State University
  • Was made in 1937 but fully tested in 1942
  • Was $5,000 to make
  • They started to use vacuum tubes
  • It contained a mile of wire and weighed 700 pounds
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