It's Good to Talk

Firstly, as a group we planned what we wanted the task to look like by creating storyboards which included interviews, archive material and types of editing. After creating these, we chose a person to interview and filmed the clip.
Once the filming was complete, it was edited in premiere. Here, we first deleted any questions that could heard in the footage then cut down any answers that were not necessary. Afterwards, we inserted archive material- an 80's phone advert and a Nokia advert. Music was then next; we inserted the interviewee's ringtone behind him talking when he reached the topic and a slight techno non-diagetic sound behind the whole interview.
When all of the editing was complete, the documentary clip was far too long and had to be shortened down. As a group, we cut more parts of the interview out as well as excess archive material we didn't need.

Lastly, a title at the start and captions next to the interviewee were inserted to finish the task.