Physical Examinations

Mammograms, Pap smears, Testicular, and Prostate Exams.


Mammograms can be used for men and women, but women are to receive a yearly mammogram. The suggested time for a women to start being examined is 45 years of age.

There are two main types of mammograms. One being a Screening Mammogram and the other, a Diagnostic Mammogram.

Screening mammogram:

- Used for women who do not have signs of symptoms of breast cancer

- It can detect tumors that may not be felt by the women

- Locate little deposits of calcium that may indicate breast cancer

Diagnostic Mammogram:

- Used to detect breast cancer if a lump is felt already

- Used to evaluate changes found during a screening mammogram

Pap Smears

Pap smears are meant for women only. The suggested time for a women to begin receiving pap smears is 21 years of age. From that point on, receiving a pap smear is only suggested avery 3 years.

This is basically a medical test that determines whether there is a problem or not with the woman's cervix. Pap smears can identify infections and other problems, including abnormal cells that may develop into cancer if they are not treated.

Testicular Exams

This exam is for men only. Many doctors suggest a testicular SELF- examination. You should begin to be aware around 15 years of age.

This examination should be given approximately once a month. If you feel something out of the ordinary, contact your doctor immediately.

Prostate Exams

This exam is for men only. The average males who have prostate cancer is 40-70 years of age.

PSA exams are to help catch the cancer while it can still be treated. PSA exams are not necessary of you are over the age of 70. The cancer can be helped if it is found before it gets out of hand, so start your PSA exams soon!