Horace Mann High School

News and Notes

Oriole Time

Thank you all for reviewing your activities for Oriole time (enhancement groups) and for those who are working at the intervention with English and Math groups.

i will look at changes on friday and email those impacted and will also let students know about Beth Ginard, our new yearbook advisor!

If you have other suggestions please let me know!


Just a reminder with the completion of first quarter if you have students who are struggling please consider calling home to ask parents if they are able to stay after school.

Study hall/skills tutor teachers thank you for looking at students grades and if they have any missing work talking to them about completing it or offering assistance. Any contact home is also appreciated.


We hope Dan is feeling better soon. He has started some training with staff on Haiku and will continue to offer opportunities. Please also share with each other what works and any questions.

Our goal is by the end of the school year to all be converted to Haiku.

Wednesday meetings

Just a reminder to reserve Wednesdays as we have plc, staff and department meetings each Wednesday.

Departments-please continue conversations about summer school opportunities and also course description wording. If you are proposing a new course please share title, description, budget and career pathway by December 1st.

Counselors will be in classrooms after the completion of the semester. We are looking at dates for our 8th grade orientation.

Thank yous

Thank you to everyone for your flexibility and patience with our fall testing. We have sent in our WKCE booklets and all testing was completed for Act Aspire and Star.

If you have any questions please let me know. Next fall we will have a better schedule as will not have to view Star videos and will have more time in between our testing.

Final Exams

Our semester ends January 23rd which is a Friday. Okay for exams on Wednesday and Thursday during our block days?

Please email me or see me with questions/comments.

December 23rd

On Tuesday, December 23rd we will run an early release schedule and in the pm will be in the auditorium for a wonderful holiday concert from our band and choir.

thank you everyone!

Middle school has the 22nd and 23rd as special days. I will check with you of any coverage that is needed.

Alice Training

just a reminder to meet in the auditorium at 12:40 for our Alice training.

After our Alice safety training today please feel free if you ever have questions or needs to let me know.


I am reviewing your Oasys documents and will provide suggestions in comments to you.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you's

Student Council and Katie Crabb for an awesome teacher appreciation breakfast!

Amy, Jana and Reid for serving on our interview team for a special ed teacher.

Beth Ginard-our new yearbook advisor!

Becky, Linda, Heidi and Jenny-for helping when I've been out of the office :)

Again all staff involved in the musical-it was awesome!

Liz and Jill for taking on Market Day!

JIll, Dave and Rick for our Cafe almost being ready!

Linda for handing out all the uniforms-it is winter sports season!

Mike for making sure all of our events are ready to go and communicating with all of our coaches!

Teachers helping our homebound instructor-thank you!

the list goes on-I am very blessed to work for all of you. Thank you for all your efforts to make our school a safe, positive, top notch place to be!


November 15th Bots Competition-Good luck to Tom K and students!

November 15th-Cheer competition-good luck to athletes and coaches

December 4-5 1st and 3rd grade program in our PAC

December 10th Choir Concert

December 17th Band Concert

December 23rd EArly release schedule/school holiday concert in pm

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and as the holiday season approaches I wish you and your families a safe and Happy Holiday!