4th Grade Update

Week of December 2

Housekeeping Notes

  • Your child will need either an empty pizza box, a piece of white poster board, or a brown shopping bag for Reading. We will be using these items for our biographical research projects/presentations. All work will be done in class, but your child will need this item at school as soon as possible.

  • In Language Arts, we'll be working on a project that requires black ink pens. Mrs. Osborne has a bunch, but it'd be great if you send your child to school with one.

  • Winter parties will be on Friday, December 18 at 2:00. You are more than welcome to join the fun, but please let your homeroom teacher know if you'll be attending. We have to turn in party attendee lists to the office and will need this informaiton by Friday, December 4.

  • We will conduct parent/teacher conferences the week of December 14. More information will be going home in red folders this week.

  • Please keep signing and checking red folders. They are the best way for us to communicate behaviorial information.

In the Classroom

LANGUAGE ARTS: Expository writing--a job that I like; making compound sentences with conjunctions; generating a central idea

READING: Biographies and autobiographies and the differences between these two types of literary nonfiction; in-class research project

MATH: Decimals—modeling using place value; relating fractions, decimals, and money; comparing decimals

SCIENCE: Classifying matter--density, evaporation, heating and cooling

EXCELerator Awards

This week's EXCELerator award winners are:

Mrs. Roby's homeroom: Bryan Sal

Mrs. Osborne's homeroom: Megan Haness

Congratulations Bryan and Megan!

Tutoring is Finished for 2015

Tutoring will resume in the spring.