NDMS 6th Grade

February Newsletter

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General Announcements

  • Feb. 13 - Dance - 3:30 - 5:30 Pick up 6th graders in the front parking lot promptly.
  • Feb. 19 - PTO Meeting & Talent Show - 6:30
  • Feb. 24 - Progress Reports go home
  • Feb. 26 - Early Release
  • Feb. 27 - Teacher Workday
  • We are in desperate need of tissues. If you would be willing to donate any to our team, please send with your child to deliver to their homeroom teacher.

Language Arts

Mr. Brooks

In Mr. Brooks' language arts classes, students are working on editing skills. Each day students practice proofreading sentences and paragraphs for common mistakes such as proper punctuation, capitalization, proper nouns, and confusing homophones such as to, two, and too. Furthermore, students are sharpening their argumentative skills as we read editorials and create opinion pieces. This week students will begin writing their own persuasive piece on a topic of their choice.

Weekly vocabulary and fluency drills remain a large focus as we head into the dog days of winter.

Mrs. Whitehead

We have been reading the book Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life in class. It's been fun listening to them discuss what the meaning of life means to each of them.

I have changed homework a little so they can have some variety responding to what they are reading. Each week will vary depending on what else we have done that week. Some weeks they will complete a reading log (either on paper or through Google Classroom). Other weeks, it may be a letter to me about what they are reading or a reading response (15 point chart). All of these are listed and explained on my webpage if you have questions.

For reading comprehension, I have also added another homework assignment each week. They will have to log in towww.newsela.com and take a comprehension quiz on any article they are interested in. They will then submit it to me through Google Classroom.

We are also continuing to work on grammar and stem words.


Mrs. Lowery, Ms. Lyerly

Math classes are working hard on expressions, properties, exponents, and moving onto equations. This will wrap up this portion of the 6th grade curriculum and we will move onto Geometry later this month and early March. Continue to work hard on Weekly Essentials. Students accumulate nine grades for this each quarter. Poor effort on these could result in a lower overall grade. Although they can be a challenge, it is beneficial for the students to work on these throughout the week instead of waiting until Thursday night.


Ms. Baldwin

Do you know that soil has parents? Ask a sixth grade science student and they will describe parent rock, soil profiles and soil conservation. They will also tell you that Ms. Baldwin's tables got really dirty during the "soil lab."

Mrs. Lowery, Ms. Lyerly

Students have been discovering different characteristics and properties of rocks, minerals, and soil. Students have worked to become soil experts as well as geologist through different activities. We have reviewed the Rock Cycle and will be moving to Plants and the structures, processes and behaviors that enable them to survive and reproduce.

Social Studies

Mr. Brooks

Currently students are immersed in the study of the Ancient Indus Valley. They were amazed to discover two previously unknown cities as they went on a archaeological dig simulation. This week students will learn about the Aryan invasion and begin exploring the caste system as well as the early beginnings of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Whitehead

Social Studies classes we are just finishing up our study of Ancient India. Next we will begin our exploration into Ancient China which is always a favorite for the students. In an effort to get students to be more aware of what's going on in the world outside of Davie County we watch and discuss CNN student news frequently. Ask your student about what's going on in the world and I think you will be surprised how much they learn from this.
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Ice Skating Reward Trip

What a blast! We had a great time celebrating those students who are always on the PROWL. Some students had never been ice skating before, and they were out in the middle of the ice by the end of it. We are really trying to encourage students to go on the 3rd Quarter trip to see a Winston Salem Dash baseball game! Remember...no referrals/stage drops and pass all of their classes.