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What an Audiologist Does?

An Audiologist is one who studies sound and its properties

Cool facts about this job

An Audiologist uses a device called an audiometer to measure the loudness at which a person begins to hear sounds.

How does this career benifit society?

They screen newborns for hearing loss and refer affected patients to appropriate services.

What education requirements and skills that are needed to qualify for this job?

Must have at least 1 master in audiology to qualify for this job. Skills they need to have are good communication skills, and to be able to communicate diagnostic test results.

Personality needed for this job

Good listener, patient, and compasionate.

Annual salary or wages

An Audiologist salary is about $70,000 dollars a year.

Projected job growth

In demand about 21% or more

Comanies that hire in this field

Kaiser Permanente, Pediatrix Medical Group, and Siemens.