Virtual Resume

Baljot Girn


My Smart Goals for 2016

S- I want to achieve the honor roll in grade 10 by studying harder and focusing on school.

M- I will ask my teachers for a updated mark every week and keep track of all my tests and assignment marks. I will also make a word document with all my marks in it on a chart and keep track of it.

A- I need to ask my parents for a tutor in subjects where I am confused. I will also ask my teachers if I need help. I will study each course for 30 min each day. I will summarize everything I learned in the course after school for 15 minutes every day. . I will ask my teachers for help on subjects I am confused on every week Tuesday at lunch.

R- I have always wanted to finish all four years of my high school education in high standards to make me look good in my university application. This is a good way to start.

T- I will reach my goal before the end of the school year (June 2016). I will undertake to get 85% or higher on my midterm mark, then try to keep it higher than a 80%.With this 5% gap, I will have space for faults but I will try not to fail at all.

My Volunteering Smart Goals 2016

S- I want to coach a youth hockey team and lead them to the championship title in 2016.

M- I will measure the success of my team depending on how many games they win and the effort I see them putting into the game. I will keep track of each players improvement and make sure that they are improving. I will have races within the team to see who is the best and promote them so our team will have a higher chance to win.

A- I will train my team to improve and build on what they know already and seek improvement in the team as a whole. I will measure this goal by doing drills at practice that help the team improve and encourage the team by helping them out if they need it. I will make the kids more delightful with each other on and off the ice rink. I will ask for extra ice time so that my team could improve and get better, so then reaching the goal of champions will be easier.

R- I want to do this because not only will I receive my hours for volunteering, it will help my relationship with kids and how they like to learn and play sports. I want to do this also because it will look good on my university application.

T- I am looking to accomplish this goal by April 2017, when the season ends and hopefully we will be hoisting the cup.

Transitions and Change
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I will face a a lot of challenges once I become a bookkeeper. I will however face even more challenges when I become a lawyer after a few years of experience in the bookkeeper position. One major challenge I will face is technology itself. This will be a challenge to me because the amount of technology we have now is unbelievable compared to just 20 years ago. With more technology into the future, people will be expecting very high success rates from lawyers and law firms. The client expectation will be out of the roof and there will be no room for failure. I will overcome this challenge by not just trying super hard in my position, but also helping out other people and looking after someone's back if they ever need help. I personally will double check all my work and try to make us look as good as possible. I will also be polite with the client and do whatever it takes to help them win their case no matter where it may lead me.

The second challenge I will face is that the lawyer position is a shrinking position and is only getting smaller with all of this involvement of technology. It will be harder to get accepted into law schools and even harder after that to get into a law firm as the people in the law firm are going to be looking for lawyers will a sense of how to use the current day technology. I will face this challenge and defeat it by learning more about my hard skills such as Excel and Microsoft Word. I will put those on my resume and if I receive an interview I will make sure to talk about it as well. If I get the job, I will make sure to use technology to my best ability to have the largest advantage on my opponent. I will use technology in my court days to show amazing evidence that I can find to make sure that my side will always win any case we do. My goal for being a lawyer is to never lose a case even though it will eventually happen, go for as long as I can possibly go. I want to help Blake's Law Firm to the best of my ability and make them as successful as possible.