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No seriously, come check out our new books!

I’m reading a great book on anti-gravity. I can’t put it down.

Do you need a science work station? Check out these books for quick and easy hands-on science adventures.

If you do not think science is disgusting, these books might change your mind. Gross factor-Totally disgusting, yet so very interesting.

Los niños y la Ciencia

These books are written in Spanish, but the e-book, which is accessible at , is available in English and Spanish and can be shown on your Smart Board for class reading.

Native Americans Books for fourth grade TEKS

Historical people and events

Here is a sampling of fun books for kids that will be making their way to the library shelves this week.

Here's Hank series written by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

Henry Winkler, The Fonz for those of us who grew up on Happy Days, has learned to succeed in reading, acting and writing even though he has dyslexia. What a motivational series for our struggling readers!
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There are more books but I do not want to stop you from coming by to see me, um... I mean the books that are available.