The Frigate Bird

By Lanier Gordon

Fregata Magnificens

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Frigate birds are found on both coasts of America, the Caribbean Sea, the Galapagos Islands, and Cape Verde. This species can be found on coasts across the world and is not very unique to the Galapagos Islands.
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Frigate birds breed in mangrove cays on coral reefs. They also breed near trees and bushes that have berries. Frigate birds have been known to stay in the air for about a week and can be found on the coast when it is not breeding season.

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Feeding Preferences

The favorite food of a frigate bird is fish, but they also eat squid, crabs, jellyfish, offal, and tiny sea turtles. A frigate will stick their bills down another bird’s gullet, catch fish drawn to the surface, or steal fish from a mother feeding her offspring in a nest.
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The red throat pouches are fully inflated during mating season on males. The female lays one egg, and the male leaves after the baby is a few months old to mate with another female bird.
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- The frigate bird inflates its red throat sack when looking to mate.


- The frigate bird has a hooked bill, which allows it to dip its beak in the water and pull out food without having to land or get wet.


- A frigate bird has hollow bones so that the total body weight is reduced, and the bird will be able to fly even faster.

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The bones of a frigate bird are hollow, allowing for flexibility and speed of flight. Some airline companies could improve their flight experiences and improve the airplanes based on their study of the bone structure of the frigate bird.
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