We are the 99%

Fighting Free Trade since 1969

About Us:

We believe that trade should be regulated by the government in order to spread the wealth and prevent corrupt business owners. Through our growth and development as a nation we have proved that free trade does not work but have proved that it takes away the American dream. We are the people and more importantly we fight for the people.

Our special interest

We believe that free trade is bad for this nations economy and we are fine with this limited government regulation allowing us; the 99 percent to have economic opportunity and prosperity. Our past history has shown that the human nature can not handle free trade and for decades after presidents have trust busted and broken monopolies to give everyone a better economic state of living.

Our story

fredrick brigam is a small time farmer who was living off his family farm for his entire life. or atleast he was up until limited government regulation on trade made his crops drop in value extemely. after a while he couldnt support himself or his family, he had to ship his kids somewhere else and sell his family farm, he said "its sad becaase this land means so much to me, i grew up here and have always made my living from here, i dob know how to do anything else and will forever live in poverty."

Occupy wallstreet

Saturday, Sep. 17th 2011 at 9pm

11 Wall Street

New York, NY

We request reform, we as human beings run on the opportunity to be great in a perfectly fair and legal environment. We ask all of you. the 99 percent of Americans who make an average living wage to picket, occupy, fight with civil disobedience and all other forms you can make your voice heard to rid of this corruption we live with in day to day life. With this occupation we hope to bring big business out of politics, to help those with uncanny student loans, a balanced distribution of income, more and better jobs and bank reforms. Come join us in this peaceful fight.