This Week In Jaycees

Volume 62: Issue 2

Hey my Jaycee family and friends,

Let me start by saying, I miss you all, and I am really excited to see you at the upcoming GMM tonight.

I want to share a story with you. I was honored this past weekend to travel to NYC for a great charity event held by New York firefighters. The event was a stair climb at the Freedom Tower. There were only 343 firefighters invited, one firefighter for each member of FDNY that died on 9/11. We had to wear our full firefighting gear which was approximately 60lbs, then race to the 72nd floor running up the stair wells, just as the men and women of FDNY did to save as many people as they could, knowing they may not make it out alive. It was a total of 1,728 steps a very exhausting and tough task. I was overwhelmed at the sight of all the firefighters from around the world that showed up in support of those who have fallen. There were firefighters from New Zealand, Germany, Australia, England, and almost every state in the U.S. We were each given a card with the name, and picture of a FDNY firefighter that died on that horrible day. It was very sad, and humbling all at the same time. To be given a heroes name, and picture to represent their family and sacrifice was one of the most powerful things I have ever done. We were able to talk with survivors from that day, and family members that lost someone as well. The amount of camaraderie, and love these people all share with those who were lost, and those who survived was breathtaking. The site of which the World Trade Centers stood, and the memorials built for those who died gave me a very eerie feeling. It was also an amazing site to see as well, knowing so many people died that day, yet seeing each and every person’s name engraved stating that they will never be forgotten was uplifting.

I share this story because it motivates me and makes me think of what we do as Jaycees. We share a similar camaraderie in our own community, and with each other in our own way. We create impact where it is needed, and are always willing to step up and lend a helping hand. We have seen this through our amazing selfless members sharing the “Pay It IVward” initiative. We see this through our community gardens and our CERT program. We see this in our willingness to put others before ourselves. We see this in the way we protect each other and go the extra mile to make each of us better. I am proud to be a Redford Jaycee.

Ok, enough of the sentimental…I am not too good at that. What do we have on Deck?

Coming events:

· St. Patrick’s Day Themed General Membership Meeting – Monday, March 21st. This is going to be awesome, with some authentic food being brought by the amazing Kim Taylor. I miss you all, and at the meeting you can sign up for softball, learn more about Mackinaw, and more surprises to come!

· Brainiac Challenge March 24th, at Redford Jaycee Hall. We need all of the Redford Jaycees to come out in force and help us keep the trophy!!! Sign up on the Eventbrite:

· Blades of Steel – Save the date of April 23rd, with a whole new program coming, and the charity rematch of the Redford Jaycees against the Police & Fire game.

· Onto Mackinaw, Michigan Jaycee Conference - May 13 – 15. This will be epic. Just pure epic.