Bosnia war

April 6 ,1992 to December 14 ,1995

What happened?

1. The Bosnian government declared independence from Yugoslavia or the Serbs.

2. Tar broke out for 3 years and the Serbs started to put Muslim men and boys in concentration camps to secure territory that they wanted. they also called this event the "ethnic cleansing" of the Bosniak and Croatian peoples.

3. The nato bombing of Yugoslavia forced the Serbs to start a peace agreement witch was finally signed no November 21, 1995.

4. Over 200,000 men , woman and children of bosniak and Croatian died in the concentration camps but that was mostly men woman where killed when they where raped.

What are similarities to the holocaust?

1. They had concentration camps like the Nazis.

2. Men woman and children where split apart and never seen again.

3. They wanted one religion kind of like the Nazis.

4. The U.S had to get involved in both situations.

5. In both situations there was about the same amount of neglect.

Diffrences between the Holocaust?

1. Millions less victims where killed.

2. Our situation there was a group of people leading the country unlike the Holocaust where there was one leader.

3. Our situation lasted 3 years unlike the Holocaust that lasted 12 years.

4. There was no world war going on during our event.

5. The Serbs killed in massacre and the Nazis killed in concentration camps.