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Parti Poodles Have Many Wonderful Attributes

More than just an animal, a pet easily becomes a trusted companion who has unlimited love, affection, comfort and loyalty to offer. In most cases, an individual and their new dog will spend a lot of time together bonding, so it is always a good idea to make sure personalities are compatible. There are many characteristics attributed to Parti Poodles that many people find attractive.

One thing about this breed is that they possess extraordinary intelligence and can learn desired behaviors quite easily. They are great at tricks and have a strong desire to please their masters. The best results come when training is applied consistently and firmly, and reinforced with lots of praise and much affection.

It is important that owners of these pups know to give their commands in a firm tone. The breed is very pack driven, viewing all species within the house as part of it, and there must be an Alpha. If there is not a human who claims this position in the hierarchy, the dog will take the opportunity to assume it themselves.

Once hierarchy, boundaries and expectations are made clear, the dogs are generally extremely obedient and well controlled. They can be excessive barkers if the owners are not firm about correcting it immediately and making it clear that the behavior is unacceptable. The animals are quite sensitive to voice tone and though they respect a dominant human, they tend to react badly to harsh discipline.

Their intelligence makes them most capable of adapting to almost any lifestyle. They are just as suited for apartment living as they are for living in the open country, though they are not intended to be full time outside animals. Whatever the housing arrangements, it is important to make sure they receive ample opportunity to get out and run off some energy each day.

All sizes of this breed need to release energy on a daily basis, though the larger dogs, like the Standards, tend to be naturally calmer than the smaller Toy versions. A trip outside to play, jump and run for a bit will make them much more docile and controlled when inside. When that is not possible, playing games that allow them to retrieve, seek and exercise their minds will suffice.

The companionship of humans means a lot to this breed because they have a serious need for affection and attention. They might misbehave if they feel they are ignored and they do not like to be left alone for long times. If owners need to be away for several hours, it might help having a second pet or making sure there is a television or talk radio station on as it can curb the tendency to act out.

Whether intended as a pet for a single individual or a family with children, this breed is perfectly suited. These canines are graceful, have a pleasant nature, are cheerful, lively, amusing, and very sweet and loving. Aggression is not one of their innate traits but they can be rather possessive of their family and like to keep them close and protected.

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