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If you like Minecraft and Call of Duty. Well I have a popular game for you. It is Pixel Gun 3d/multi shooter. You can find it anywhere in the app store not game store. It is amazing you can get armor, guns, clans and friends. Have fun and win all. In this article you will learn facts and tips to win.

Canipan story tips

In the campaign you start off in san Blocksico City at 4:30am. Your walls are broken. shoot the zombies and kill the boss I have the best guns so It is easy. There are hidden coins in each map but sometimes they are in the easy spots to see. The game is about having fun with friends, It is a game with no worry that you are going to die YOU RESPAWN.

Best guns

The top 5 guns in pixel gun Number 1.Laser Minigun it shot lasers real fast but you need like 10 shot to kill a no armor so use it wisely. Number 2. prototype up2 it is a non rapid fire gun that 3 seconds shot again kill any armor type if you shot the person in the face even a ruby but they may have the same gun so do not miss and do it quick. Number 3. dragon pet it burns your opponents to ash quickly. number 4 the crystal fast death you need to buy the fast death then up it and get diamonds from your ranking. Up it again then the crystal fast death. Number 5 automatic peacemaker it is like the laser minigun but takes down enemies slow if certain but it's big ammo capacity makes it better. Fun fact the good weapons upgrade to level up2/up3. heading three

Pixel Gun 3D - TOP 10 WEAPONS

Skin tip/helpers

Draw out your skin first. Then you pick your skin color or base color and apply it to every thing. Do the skin making like this to make it simple hair, eyes, chest, arms, legs done that is your person or for more detail make ears like bunnies or wolves a wolf tail or bunny tail. If you have a clan / friends it makes your life a lot better to kill. You are your own person so start a clan and be a part of Clan war.
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I play Call of Duty and Minecraft. It is amazing you should play it. Reminder minecraft/call of duty combined just recommending it Play Pixel Gun 3d It is a online / campins is not. Game find and make friends and fight to the death. BYE>>>
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