Alphabet Borders!

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Standard & Objective


RF.K.1 Reading: Foundational Skills

1. Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.


The student will be able to name and match letters of the alphabet.

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Alphabet bulletin board borders or letter-picture strip used from the website listed below.

Cut one alphabet border or letter-picture strip into individual cards.

Leave one border or strip uncut.

Video of "Zoo Phonics"


Place the uncut alphabet bulletin board on a flat surface. Place the border cards face up in a stack.

Taking turns, student one selects a card, holds it up, and says the name of the letter (e.g., "h").

Student two matches the card to the letter on the alphabet border.

Continue until all cards are matched on the uncut border.

Peer evaluation.


We had groups of 5-6 kids to each table and I placed the alphabet border in front of them. I instructed them that they would pick a letter from a stack of cards and say what letter they got. They then had to match it to the corresponding letter on the alphabet border. There is a picture for each letter and I had them state what the picture was and how it corresponded to that letter. To make it more challenging for them, I had them state other words that started with that letter. I would have each student do this and the students loved shouting out more words they knew that started with each letter. We had ample amounts of time so we would go around in a circle until we completed the alphabet border. I would then have my students sing and dance to the "Zoo Phonics" video by putting it on the big screen. This implements letter recognition and the early stages of phonics.

Extensions & Adaptations:

1. Match alphabet cards to letters on an alphabet chart.

- Copy chart twice. Enlarge one copy and cut the other into individual cards.

2. Glue alphabet cereal to corresponding letters on an alphabet chart.

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