A Mahvalous Mahch! (Bostonian)

April 2, 2014

Dear 1st Impressions,

What an amazing March we had! Eventhough most areas were still under snow, ice storms swept the country, and people had just about had it, we still pulled off incredible results! This is one inspiring team!

Today's email is a longer one but definitely worth the read so find time today or this weekend to absorb it as you'll be so inspired from our team's results and will get FABULOUS TIPS FROM OUR TOP SELLER AND SPONSORER!


#2 in Sales Company Wide: JULIE LUTZ!

No wonder! Look at her wearing her Bucky Badger Shirt with the Elodie! This gal doesn't leave home without which no doubt helps reach sales of $20,332--truly outsanding!

Okay Julie...tell us how on earth you do it!

1) How do you keep your sales so strong month after month?

I try to book in tight when I can and I hostess coach my hostesses to try to maximize my time. While one never ever knows how big or successful any party will be, I truly believe that getting your hostesses invested in the process and encouraging them to FAN OUT BIG TIME will help the bottom line. I use simple math and remind them that only about a quarter of their invitees will actually come to the party, so invite MORE. I love to qualify the effort that my hostesses make (cleaning the house, disrupting the family and preparing to entertain, etc.), so I want them to maximize this effort by driving attendance. The more, the merrier…and likely the more, the better outcome. :)

2) How do you gear yourself up en route to a trunk show?

I head to every party fired-up and motivated for the fun potential. I listen to upbeat music and get my head around the fact that it’s going to be fun…no matter what (really!). For me…I’m heading to a party, I’m not heading to work. When I get to my hostess’ house, it’s all about her. I make it clear that I’m there to make the party fun and her experience positive. I’m more focused on making the connection than I am with making the sale. In turn, my hostesses are happy, my customers are satisfied, and I’m likely to book or sponsor from these connections. I’m setting up great groundwork and truly believe that everyone I meet will either be a customer, a hostess, a stylist or someone that knows one of the previous three. Game on!

3) Do you have a lot of outside orders?

Yes, I have a lot of outside orders. I strongly encourage my hostesses to invite and include LOADS of people - including out of town family and friends. They can, of course, support her and her efforts whether near or far. Separate from that, I have definitely made great connections with people who uniquely order from my website or simply call to place an order. I LOVE that part of my biz!!!

4) What's your philosophy on the TSEO?

TSEO!!!!!!! You gotta love ‘em. I truly believe that it’s “irresponsible” to NOT take advantage of these (or some of these) options. We all get stuck in a jam or situation when you need a gift…the TSEO help. Period. I like to remind EVERYONE of all of their potential gifting opportunities that might come up in the near-term and it always helps reminding them that said items will return to full price next month. Nothing better than shopping at half-price.

5) Do you have many repeat hostesses?

Yes, I have LOADS of repeat hostesses. If they’ve had a good experience, “won” loads of free loot and had fun…why wouldn’t they want to do it again?!?! My hostesses (as previously mentioned) know that I’m gunning for them from the beginning, but will always remain pressure-free with their guests. The parties are always a happy, upbeat environment, and it’s always fun.

6) Considering that you've already earned the hat's your goal for Q2?

My goal for Q2? Tough call. While I’m not a HUGE goal-setter per se, I’d love to add some fabulous women to my team while maintaining a strong sales presence. I honestly get a freaky-charge from helping women look and feel cuter…and it’s what truly drives me.

Ah Julie, no wonder you're on Top my friend. Your enthusiasm, joy, and passion for helping women feel great about themselves is crystal clear. Thanks for your words of advice!


Kim Bender to Star Stylist!--WAY TO GO KIM!!!!!

And a HUGE CHEERS to these fabulous leaders too:

Heather Swett, Senior Stylist US

Andrea Yanoff, Lead Stylist US

Nicole Graceffa, Lead Stylist US

Carly McGovern, Lead Stylist UK

Agathe Ganet, Lead Stylist FR

Andrea Roell, Lead Stylist US

Lynn Fleury, Lead Stylist US

Martine Benoist, Lead Stylist FR

Katie Fitzgerald, Lead Stylist US

Patricia Allen, Lead Stylist US

Ginger Pingree Sponsored 4 in March! = # 2-3 in the COMPANY!

How on earth did she do it?

I asked Ginger to share her tactics and philosophy...

1) Have you been warming these gals up for months or did you just meet them?

Some people were people that I have been gently connecting with about the opportunity over months or years and 1 was a corporate lead that I was just sure to follow through with. Bethany came to an MSD 8 months ago and the timing wasn't right, but I loosely kept in touch and (especially with her Irish connection), I encouraged her to think about the opportunity in Feb/March. Another new team member that JUST joined us is someone I've been in touch with on and off about the opportunity for over 2 years.

2) Where did you meet them? Trunk shows?

One, I met at a small TS at a ballet studio and is a VP at a major ins company (KUDOS to the seemingly "failed" TS!), another I went to middle school with and lives 5 states away (the one that I've been in touch with for 2+ years), another was a corporate lead that joined me at a meeting, another is a former neighbor, is 19 and putting herself through college, and another I got to know through the old school that I taught at...she was a parent in my teaching partner's class.

3) Were they looking for something or did the interest come after you offered it?

Only the woman putting herself through college/the corporate lead reached out to me. The rest of them are people that I planted seeds with, sent info, stayed in touch, had coffee...and then we decided to get engaged!

4) Do you time block for sponsoring conversations each week or just constantly talk about it?

Most of getting these women to make the leap was a result of me FOCUSING on sponsoring, even if they reached out to me. Making sending the info, answering questions, LISTENING for why it would be a fit for them/their concerns and HAVING coffee, etc is what ultimately sealed the deal...I think! I am making it my mission to sponsor consistently, rather than focusing on it every few months. That said, I'm keeping track of who I am in touch with, what I've sent, etc, so I can make the next steps when appropriate and drop the ball less. Bottomline is that I'm being much more systematic/organized about sponsoring, amidst the chaos of life and it's WORKING!

5) What's your best advice on sealing the deal?

Have coffee or wine after you've shared info, prospective calls, etc. Go the extra mile. If you are far from that person, ask them to FaceTime or video chat, so you can have a more personal conversation, read their facial expressions and SHARE THE EXCITEMENT with your body language. Positive energy is infectious and attractive to others.

6) Do you talk about sponsoring in the Group Hello?

Always. The few times I don't strategically plant seeds in my GH, I make it my mission to do so around the show while styling/checking out.

7) Do you have a goal of sponsoring a certain amount of people each month?

I'd like to average 2 per month. Why set the bar low, right? There are months where I will sponsor 4 and months where there will be 0. The key is to be working on it always, as you never know when the time will be right for your prospectives. Often, there is much going on (or coming up) in their lives that you know nothing about, which can affect when the "right" time is. Be gently tenacious.

8) What's your best tip for us to use with this month's Sponsoring Special (US)?:

ABSOLUTELY focus on sponsoring EARLY in this month (and any month they offer a sponsoring special)! SO KEY. It must become #1 HVAC those months. Otherwise, it's like choosing not to hold shows in your Jumpstart...you're giving away an easier opportunity for success.

I completely agree! Thank you so much for all these fabulous tips Ginger. You've been so successful with your sponsoring and you've made these tips easy to follow and implement. Much appreciated from all of us!

In March, Together Teamwide We Sponsored 22 New Stylists!

Ginger Pingree US 4

Carrie McGraw US 2

Sarah Pearsall US 1

Kristen Weiss US 1

Marie Mathilde Delahaye FR 1

Valerie Lawrence UK 1

Kim Bender US 1

Natalie Knowles US 1

Marilyn Mainelli US 1

Katie Fitzgerald US 1

Louise Massey UK 1

Andrea Yanoff US 1

Rosemarie Connell US 1

Krista Jaekle US 1

Nicole Graceffa US 1

Patricia Allen US 1

Anne de Charette de la Contrie FR 1

Lynn Fleury US 1

Teamwide US Top 10 in US Sales

Julie Lutz 20332.05

Carrie McGraw 13278.95

Peggy Choiniere 12186.04

Deborah Brosnan 9411.83

Kristen Weiss 7464.5

Colleen Yoo 7265

Pamela Thomas 6800.9

Kim Bender 4858.5

Aree Wichman 4538.8

Melissa Spiers 4506.38

Teamwide UK Top 10 in Sales

Valerie Lawrence 7391.2099

Jo Markwick 5380.2306

Jessica Drejmyr Males 3914.3717

Kirsty Gordon 3166.6945

Sophie Mitchell 3138.369

Christine O'brien 2512.2326

katie forman 2094.0508

Julie-Ann Murphy 1963.8202

Carly McGovern 1951.9886

Loraine Patrick 1824.2647

Teamwide French Top 5 in Sales

Marie Mathilde Delahaye 8800.7097

Agathe Ganet 7195.6659

Anne de Charette de la Contrie 2980.7289

Martine Benoist 1442.3459

Leila Soares Dos Santos 866.0814

Congratulations to all who earned your 30% in commissions!

Julie Lutz US 20332.05

Carrie McGraw US 13278.95

Peggy Choiniere US 12186.04

Deborah Brosnan US 9411.83

marie mathilde delahaye FR 8800.7097

Kristen Weiss US 7464.5

Valerie Lawrence UK 7391.2099

Colleen Yoo US 7265

Agathe Ganet FR 7195.6659

Pamela Thomas US 6800.9

Jo Markwick UK 5380.2306

Kim Bender US 4858.5

Aree Wichman US 4538.8

Melissa Spiers US 4506.38

Angela Mangiamele US 3953.7

Jessica Drejmyr Males UK 3914.3717

Shelly Hunt US 3645.35

Kristen Chipman US 3599.5

Michelle Whitney US 3569.62

Allyse Jorgensen US 3524.5

Rima Larson US 3386.01

Ginger Pingree US 3186.1

Kirsty Gordon UK 3166.6945

Sophie Mitchell UK 3138.369

Carolyn Peters US 3099.9

Caralee Levinson US 3064.96

Anne de Charette de la Contrie FR 2980.7289

Michelle Colasante US 2906

Rosemarie Connell US 2884.91

Patricia Allen US 2849.61

Sarah Pearsall US 2748.6

Nancy Curreri US 2741.39

Melissa Soto Figueroa US 2709.6

Sarah Grasso US 2661.07

Bridey Lacouture US 2660

Heather Swett US 2602.54

Krista Jaekle US 2600.8

Cristina Bethune US 2540.25

Christine O'brien UK 2512.2326

Debra Lam US 2416.1

Katie Fitzgerald US 2343.5

Julie Gilbert US 2332.37

Andrea Roell US 2328.5

And a big kudos to all of you earning your business supply credits for FREE!:

Jana Graber US 2180.6

Katherine Quick US 2113.8

katie forman UK 2094.0508

Lynn Fleury US 2089.35

Kristy Inge US 2082.6

Jamie Grob US 2025.16

Jennifer Spencer US 2004.5

Rachel Liftman US 1999.5

Nikole Fasoranti US 1991.5

Julie-Ann Murphy UK 1963.8202

Carly McGovern UK 1951.9886

Lisa Pickett US 1940

Alicia Hackney US 1882.25

Nancy Nicklas US 1867.5

Loraine Patrick UK 1824.2647

Adrienne Bonds US 1789.95

Leigh Thomas US 1789.5

Meagan Kingman US 1774

Jessica Jones US 1681

Heather Stephens US 1650.85

Andrea Hansen US 1636.5

Dawn Caldicott US 1634.12

Andrea Frost US 1599.5

Allyson Vess US 1573.1

Susan Killebrew US 1512.5

Isabel Stover US 1510.5

martine benoist FR 1442.3459

Natalie Knowles US 1370.9

Andrea Yanoff US 1368.2

Donna Stark UK 1365.7587

Heidi Valentin US 1356.7

Marnie Kamensky US 1347.48

Kari Becker US 1335.87

Nicole DaPra US 1292.7

Randee Kushner US 1282.55

Kerry Savino US 1272.5

Kim Williamson US 1253.5

Fiona Tennant US 1211.4

Iida Borges US 1190

Erin Reichert US 1187.1

Stephanie Toporowski US 1161.6

Janice Stifler US 1154.5

laurene swift US 1148.5

Katie Dreher US 1139

Elizabeth Vettese UK 1124.6992

Christina Acampora US 1123.44

Alexandra Joseph US 1117.5

Laurie Mandato US 1112.81

Mairi Scott UK 1107.4198

Heather Dodge US 1097.6

Nicole Graceffa US 1093

Julie Berrigan US 1092.99

Kimberly O'Brien US 1075

Shelley Carr US 1072

Elizabeth Hanlan US 1048.5

Meredith Goldstein US 1045.5

Lena LaBour US 1032

Mandie Wilder US 1024.25

Stephanie Gaiser US 1005.05

Tara Pettyjohn US 968.5

Kristal Kelly US 964.25

Inga Cosway UK 957.1023

Cyndie Femino US 943.95

Sheila Jackson UK 914.2213

Amy Lapine US 898

Gemma Veneruso UK 897.5267

Laura Boland UK 871.7747

Josie Snyder US 870.2


Meaghan Washington US 862.1

Rylee Brewer US 859.5

Louise Massey UK 848.6297

Denise Anderson US 826.35

Giovanna Sciortino CA 822.6082

Allison Schnaer US 814.5

Jackie Glasscock US 807.6

Jennifer Ricciarelli US 793.6

Ginger Baumer US 775

Melanie Francis US 744

Karin Olson US 714.2

Laura Alexander US 697.97

Kate Stone US 692.05

Abbie Micucci US 681.5

Bethany McEllin US 681.5

Marilyn Mainelli US 676

Kara Perno US 669.25

Stacy Mancaniello US 667

Elizabeth Murphy US 652.5

Susie Pala US 624.05

Rachel Murray US 579.75

Jessica Dunfey US 575.5

Annette Raisky US 564

Britt McNiff US 564

Sarah Andolina US 562

Emily Sibert US 540

Marie Nyland US 530.74

Ashley Nickerson US 529.5

Ashley Braun US 529

katya joseph US 527

Elise Sirhal US 520.5

Kathryn Orme US 508

Lynn Moertl US 507.7

Holly Henderson US 506

Leah Freeman US 503.05

Samantha Laster US 500

Let's keep the momentum going!

Love this interview with Jessica on Bloomberg--great to share!