By Alexander Dodson

Background Information

The capital of Nicaraqua is Managua, the most populated in Nicaragua. Three other Major cities in Nicaragua are León, Masaya, and Jipitapa.Nicaragua was controlled by Spain but declared it independence on September 15, 1821. Nicaragua is currently a free country. The most common language in Nicaragua is Spanish.The Nicaraguan flag has a blue strip on the top and bottom with a white strip in the middle. Inside the white strip is a triangle with a rainbow and mountains.
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Geographical Information

Nicaragua is located southeast of Honduras and just north of Costa Rica. Lago de Nicaragua, Cordillera Isabellia, and Cordillera Chontalena are some physical features in this country.

Political Information

The type of government that Nicaragua uses is called a Unitary Presidental Constitution Rebuplic. The country's leader is Daniel Ortega.

Economic Information

The currency that Nicaraguans use is called Nicaraguan Córdoba. Their economic system is capitalism but there are socialism groups in Nicaragua.

Tourist Attractions