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Getting the most out of Google:)


This is a great tool to use clues from real world experiences. You could also pull in math skills by having them keep track of how many miles they were off.

Let me show you an example.

Now I am going to give you three minutes to explore.

Google World Wonders

This is a website that has images and research that would be good to look up work for World Party.

Each student could be given a specific place to look up and write authentic work over their country.

Let me show you an example.

Go to:

Go explore for 3 minutes- look up a place from last year's world party or this year's if you know.


This is an awesome tool to bring it that writing piece of authentic literacy. Students could develop stories on their own or they could collaborate with a partner. They could write a story using characters from the story or what they learned. Here is an example:

Now go to

I will give you about 3 minutes to explore and make your own story.

Build with Chrome

This is another great feature to create authentic work.

You could have the students make something and write about it using math or just a writing project.

Go to:

I will give you three minutes to explore.

Extra things you didnt know about Google (Silly)


Atari Breakout