Great career to get into and stay in for a long time

Job Description

Is capable of performing a variety of welding functions. The individual should be familiar with

and capable of using various types of welding equipment. A welder is also required to perform other

miscellaneous tasks, as supervision deems necessary.

School required

A high school diploma is needed to be in a welding career.


An average salary for a welder is $39,110 but ass u get better and better you will be able to make more

What i find interesting

Things I find interesting is being hands on all the time. Also being able to get into it when your welding. to keep going with it and keep doing it forever.

coutinuing professional development

You can take collage coerces on this career

Where to work

You will be able to work on your own welding as a side job, or you can work on a farm with your own stuff. Or you can work with plumper's welding things they need